Glade Creek Volunteer Fire Department

About Us

In the months prior to June 1975, community organizers wanted fire protection in Northeastern Alleghany county.  After many meetings and hard labor, the North Carolina Secretary of State granted a charter June 11, 1975 to Glade Creek Fire Department in Ennice, N.C.

Then with two old trucks and a brand new building, Glade Creek Fire Department held an open house October 11, 1975 with 24 active members.  Non of them had firefighting experience but with basic training, they achieved their goal.

The first elected officers were Larry Rector: Chief, Roger Smith: Assistant Chief, John Kelly: First Captain, Ronnie Hudson: Second Captain, Jack Handy: Equipment Lieutenant, El Wood Davis: Traffic Control Officer, and Cliff Pendry as Technical Adviser.

Those two trucks were a 1951 Ford called "Betsy" and a 1967 Cheverolet which served its purpose for many years.

Glade Creek Fire & Rescue not only provides fire protection, but, medical response and funeral parking detail.

Communication, equipment and technology has changed through the years but the founders mission is still evident today as they saw it in 1975.

Glade Creek Fire & Rescue operates on a yearly budget of $110,000.  Most of that money comes from fundraisers and donations.  "Without the community support, fire protection in Northeastern Alleghany County would be difficult to get" said Chief Higgins.

If you would like to become a member, first, attend a business meeting.  Business meetings are held the first and third Monday of each month.  Second, Fill out an application and third, once approved, new members are placed on probation for six months to obtain the proper training.